When this Victorian chair was discovered in a second-hand shop on South Street in Philadelphia, it was nothing more than fragments in a bag. Some pieces were broken. Some had nails poking through them. Others were covered in plaster. But we saw the promise of a beautiful restoration and took it back to our workshop.

To our amazement, after assessing all the parts in the bag, not a single piece was missing. Though in terrible shape, we had virtually every original component necessary to put this chair back together. We repaired every break, at times hand-carving details that had been lost to damage, and assembled and glued the entire piece.

For the finish, not a single detail was overlooked. Everything from the stain to the gold leafing to the upholstery was carefully chosen to be true to the Victorian period. And when we were finished, what was once a bag of neglected parts in the corner of a second-hand shop was now a beautiful tribute to the Renaissance Revival period.